Meal Prep Hack #3: Smart Tools

Meal Prep Hack #3 aka Tools That Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Easy meal prep ideas and healthy meals for busy women! Check out my latest meal prep hack: meal prep tools! Make meal prepping fast and easy! Find out how to lose weight and meal prep on a busy schedule at my blog!

Hi there! I’m super excited to share my latest post in a new series all about no-nonsense meal prep. I know it’s a little intimidating, but meal prep is essential to your weight loss. It is the BEST way to set yourself up for a great week! It takes a little effort, but you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make it happen. Are you ready to become a meal prep master? Check out my favorite meal prep tools that speed up my time in the kitchen so I can relax!

New here? I also have the following resources to help you on your health and fitness journey!

I love finding ways to cut time during my meal prep sessions. So, here are some tools that will make your life easier. These are just some things that I like and use. I am in no way affiliated with these products or companies, just passing along some handy links.

Meal Prep Containers – These are perfect for storing your fully prepped meals! Easy to take to work to make sure you stay on track. Most are dishwasher and microwave safe! Score

High quality knives – Sharp knives will save you time and help you stay safer when chopping up those veggies!

Measuring cups and spoons – I prefer Pyrex measuring cups because they’re super durable and you can see exactly how much you’re measuring. They also list ounces and milliliters.

Kitchen utensils – I love to use bamboo spoons and spatulas. But, you can use whatever you like! Things that you should always have in your kitchen are stirring spoons, slotted spoons, spatulas, a whisk, a nice set of non-stick pots and pans, and various mixing bowls.

Food chopper/slicer/dicer – This is purely a luxury item. It slices, it dices, it will save loads of time if you have a bunch of veggies to cut! If you have a food processor, that’s great too!

Mason jars – Perfect for storing salads, overnight oats, and more! They’re super cute, affordable, and practical! Here are some mason jar salad ideas!

Sheet pans – If you missed my post about sheet pan meal prep meals, head on over! They are so easy and quick!

Egg cooker – Boil eggs quickly and perfectly every single time! You can cook 7 eggs at a time without having to wait for water to boil. Easy peasy!

Slow Cooker – The easiest way to prep a meal! Set it and forget it! You can even cook many things from frozen this way! Decide what you want to toss in the slow cooker and get it going first!

Grocery list and meal planner – Click for my free 21 Day Fix worksheet download!

Bag Stand Holder – Okay, so you don’t really neeeed these. But, they’re seriously cool and cut down on messes and frustration when filling up those zipper baggies!

Microwave Rice Cooker – My absolute favorite way to cook rice and pasta in a hurry! Super easy to use and clean! You can also steam potatoes and veggies, cook oatmeal, and even bake a cake in this baby!!

Food steamer –  I love these Pampered Chef micro-cookers. They are just perfect for steaming veggies in the microwave in no time at all! The small one is perfect for a single portion of veggies, popcorn, or even tea!

Ziploc Storage Bags – various sizes for portioning snacks such as veggies, boiled eggs, nuts, fruit, etc.

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