21 Day Vegan Cleanse Review!


I was super intimidated by this program. I looked at it for probably 2 years before I purchased it. It seemed SCARY! I mean, it’s mostly vegan and it’s a cleanse so it can’t be fun, right?? Wrong!! I am actually sad that I didn’t do the Ultimate Reset sooner! It was a great experience and I learned so so much from it. The food was way better than I was expecting and there was a ton of it!

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So… I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is up for a challenge, looking to improve their overall health, and wants to hit the reset button on their body. This program is NOT for you if you know that you hate fruit or vegetables. Seriously, you would be miserable. Don’t expect to lose a ton of weight on this program. It’s possible, but if you’re looking for extreme weight loss you’re missing the point.

What I liked.

I felt amazing throughout the entire program! I am so glad that I took a week to eliminate caffeine before starting because it made it so much more enjoyable. I didn’t have much in the way of detox symptoms! I also slept like a rock! I have gotten the best sleep that I can remember EVER getting! Even if I woke up during the night I fell back to sleep quickly and woke up feeling refreshed.

The FOOD! Everything was delicious!! I mean look at all this beautiful, healthy food!

The regularity. I was already pretty regular before, but it was different with the Reset. Let’s just say I spent less time in the bathroom and it was pretty much like clockwork.

What I disliked.

Overall this has been a positive experience. I did not have some of the side effect that others have had so I can’t complain! I didn’t enjoy the supplements. By day 12 I was OVER IT!!! I also didn’t like the water schedule. It felt weird to not have a drink with food, but I understand the logic. I also didn’t like having to wait 30 minutes after eating to drink and vice versa. When I feel the urge to drink it’s best to satisfy it otherwise I will forget about it.

Some things to expect / Real talk!

A higher than normal grocery bill the first week. You’ll probably be a little surprised at the register the first week. That’s because you’re buying things you might not have in your pantry like rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, miso paste, nori, etc.. The expense does go down after the first week and you’ll most likely be using those ingredients even after you finish your Reset.

The water thing is kinda ridiculous. Ideally, you will be drinking a gallon of water each day. Not just a gallon of water, you’ll be drinking distilled water. So, if you follow the plan to a T, you will have 21 empty gallon bottles. My grocery store sells them for about $1 each. So that’s $21 on WATER for three weeks. Plus, they’re wanting you to use this water when you cook too. I was a good girl and drank only distilled water, but I didn’t drink an entire gallon per day. Some days I did and others it was about a half gallon. But, for someone who doesn’t drink much, that was kind of pushing it for me.

There are A LOT of supplements to take. If you’re like me and aren’t used to taking daily pills, it gets to be a bit annoying. Here’s what you take DAILY for each phase: Week 1 you’re taking 8 pills, 1 power greens packet, and the supplement that goes in your water. Week 2 you’re taking 8 pills, 3 detox packets, 1 power greens, and the water. Week 3 you’re taking 14 pills, 1 power greens, and the water. It’s exhausting. And it sucks to have to take them while you’re at work. I tried to tweak my schedule, but there was no way around it for me. For those of you keeping track… That’s 210 pills, 21 power greens, 21 detox drinks, and as much Mineralized water as you can stand.

You can also expect to do a lot of dishes. This might be less of an issue for you if you have a dishwasher. But, I don’t. And it sucked. If you don’t meal prep, you’ll be chopping and cooking every single day. I only prepped a few things because I tend to get bored with leftovers. I also didn’t set a specific meal plan. I picked a few things that sounded good and cooked them when I was feeling them. You might do better with a more structured approach. I just know what works for me. I did manage to stay on plan 98% of the time with just a few cheats of extra fruit here and there.

Side note: If you ever feel like time is passing by too quickly, go ahead and start the Ultimate Reset. For me, the past three weeks have felt like six. But, I have noticed that I am able to FEEL the passage of time. I have fully embraced each day.

And finally… My RESULTS!

I lost 8 pounds and 6 inches! But, more importantly I gained a new understanding of the food my body needs to operate at its best. I also learned to control my cravings and exercise self-discipline. I am beyond proud of myself for completing this program. I didn’t follow it 100% because I would have been incredibly difficult to be around. But, I’d say I was about 95% on plan and that’s good enough for me!! Aside from the things I mentioned above, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone! It was an amazing experience and I will definitely do it again in the future!! I feel that it will be a whole lot easier my second time around since I know exactly what to expect.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset, CLICK HERE or feel free to email me at coachcristieashe@gmail.com!

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