Ultimate Reset: Week 3 Recap


This week has been the most difficult. For the most part my positive mood continued throughout the week. I had a couple of moments where I just wasn’t having any fun. But, they passed quickly. And it was usually around meal time when I just wasn’t in the mood for what I had planned. No bloating this week which was great! I felt super light and fresh. No heavy feeling after meals. But, I have learned that I am not cut out for a fruits & veggies only diet. I love my grains and they make me happy.

I did not stick to the plan as well as I should have. We had a few outings that I just couldn’t get around. So, I did eat out at restaurants, but I tried to choose the best options. Friday I had some sweet potato fries that were definitely not baked and they came with cinnamon and sugar on them. I would’ve asked for them without sugar if I had known, but I didn’t send them back when I saw it. But, whatever. They were delicious and kept me from feeling like the odd ball of the group.

Here are some of my thoughts on the past week.

Things I’ve missed:

Rice, beans, lentils, quinoa… Basically all of my grains and legumes from last week. I had some pretty intense cravings for pasta and bread this week.

Protein! I know that there is protein in plants, but just not enough for my body. I didn’t feel worn out, but I could definitely tell it was missing. I craved eggs, peanut butter, and yogurt so I know my body was right there with my mind.


Things I’ve loved:

A super cheap grocery bill this week! All I needed were a few more servings of fruit and some veggies. I had everything else I needed from the last 2 weeks.

Sweet potatoes!!!! I love them so much. I intentionally didn’t do the typical baked sweet potato because I knew I’d miss having butter on it. I switched things up to keep them interesting and felt very satisfied with my dinners.

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