Ultimate Reset: Day 18


Recap: Since dinner wasn’t as much as I was supposed to eat, I woke up hungry. Luckily, the fruit hit the spot and filled me up until about 11. I started feeling hungry before lunch, but chugged some water and it subsided. I’ve been craving pasta with marinara all day. Before I started this program, I was sure I would crave meat. But, I haven’t too much. However, I can tell that I’m getting less protein than I have in the past 2 weeks. It’s all part of the plan and I’m trying my best to trust the process. By the time I got around to lunch, the last thing I wanted was a salad. I wanted something warm, so I roasted some veggies and it did the trick. Since I had roasted veggies for lunch I wasn’t in the mood for them at dinner. I roasted some spaghetti squash with EVOO, sea salt and pepper. I also made my sweet potato into chips. It was delicious! I think I might make the chips again tomorrow! All in all, another good day other than being a little hungry.


Breakfast: Fruit – Mango, pear, strawberries.

Lunch: Roasted veggies – Carrot, green beans, bell pepper, and broccoli.

Snack: Strawberries.

Dinner: Roasted sweet potato chips and spaghetti squash with EVOO.

Daily Supplements: Mineralize, Optimize, Revitalize, Power Greens, Soothe.

Mood: Pretty good. A little hungry.

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