Ultimate Reset: Day 14



Recap: I am so ready to be done with this program. It finally hit me pretty hard today. I am tired of taking supplements and being on this schedule. I’m a little cranky and craving comfort foods and I think it’s because I’m just over it. However, I wouldn’t really change anything (except maybe the power greens – ICK!). I have learned so much about my eating habits, foods that make me feel good, and my willpower. Food was great today. Black beans and rice aren’t “technically” on the food plan, but I don’t like pintos. I’m really looking forward to adding the quinoa pilaf into my regular rotation. I will probably add more veggies and reduce the amount of grains, but I really love the flavor!

I am so glad to be done with the Detox drink!! That thing made me feel so bloated and full. I didn’t mind actually drinking it, I just felt super heavy after drinking it. Plus, drinking it three times a day was a bit much for me.


Breakfast: Fruit bowl – mango, blueberries, raspberries.

Lunch: Quinoa lentil pilaf.

Snack: None.

Dinner: Black beans and rice.

Daily Supplements: Mineralize, Optimize, Detox, Power Greens, Soothe.

Mood: Good, but cranky at times.

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