Ultimate Reset: Week 1 Recap


Week 1 is DONE!! Which means that I am now eating a fully vegan diet! Crazy! It’s waaaay less complicated than I thought it would be. I used to be a vegetarian but never went vegan because I thought there was just way too much to it. I do miss certain things, but not as much as I thought I would. Surprisingly, I haven’t felt deprived!

So, here are my thoughts if you’re thinking of giving this program a shot! Planning is key! I’d recommend getting the Ultimate Reset at least a week before you plan to actually do it. Sit down and look at your calendar. Try to find a 3-week period of no birthday parties, vacations, or social events. Isn’t it crazy that so many things we do socially revolve around food? Then spend a few days really dissecting the manual. Go through the meal options for each week and write down the ones that you actually want to eat. Then come up with a schedule and grocery list based on just those recipes. I picked a relatively slow time in my life to do this. Regular schedules would have made it a little more complicated.

Here are some of my thoughts on the past week.

Things I’ve missed:

COFFEE! I’m not gonna lie. I really missed my morning coffee the first few days. I even spent the week before I started my Reset trying to wean myself off of it. I highly suggest you do the same. Caffeine withdrawal is not fun. Take a week or two before your Reset and slowly decrease the amount of caffeine you allow yourself. Replace that beverage with water! By day 4, I missed the warmth and taste of coffee instead of the caffeine.

I was invited to go out to eat and I had to turn it down. I am 100% committed to this program and I don’t want any temptations. I’m trying to follow it as closely as possible to get the best results. I’m not saying it’s impossible to eat out, I just didn’t feel like I would have been strong enough to resist. So, instead of potentially ruining my progress, I opted out. It made me a little sad, but there will be plenty of other opportunities. Right now, I’m working on ME!

Pinterest! LOL! I’m only kind of joking here… I absolutely love browsing pinterest for new recipes and DIY projects. Buuuuut, there’s a lot of tasty food on there so I am abstaining from Pinterest during my Reset. Also, the food network!

Things I’ve loved:

The amount of food! Seriously… this is a lot of food! I have not felt like I was hungry outside of meal times. I have had some cravings (mostly fruit), but nothing major. I’m certainly not starving.

The greek salad and southwest veggie taco have been my favorites! I also really like having fruit for breakfast. I’m not normally a breakfast eater, so it’s a great option that feels light. I loved the salmon too, but that’s something I cook pretty often.

SLEEP! I think I’ve commented on this every day. But, seriously… the sleep I’m getting is incredible! It takes less time to fall asleep and I feel like I am sleeping deeper. I still wake up a little bit in the night between all the water I’m drinking and having a puppy. But, when my alarm goes off, I feel rested!

Not working out! Honestly, I think I was in a bit of a slump in my fitness routine. It has been nice to take a little breather and just concentrate on nutrition 100%. I am looking forward to getting back into my workouts when I’m done though.

I feel AMAZING! I haven’t decided if I want to check the scale at the end of each week or just wait until the end. I don’t really care about the pounds lost, I just want to look and feel better.

I’ve read some reviews on Phase Two and I gotta say I’m a little nervous. I will miss my brown rice and beans! Week 2… Here I come!!

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