Ultimate Reset: Day 6


Recap: I don’t think I even rolled over last night! I slept great!! I woke up before my alarm and felt wide awake. My fruit was super yummy this morning. I think I should have had a little more because I started feeling some mild hunger pangs around 11ish. But, I drank more water and it subsided. I really wasn’t feeling the lentils and microgreens that I had planned for lunch. So, I made a Greek salad instead. But, I subbed the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and dressing for some leftover tomato/cucumber salad. I figure that it’s basically the same ingredients and less chopping for me! It was delish! Plus, having something ready quickly kept me from snacking on something off plan. I loved my edamame snack! I got to eat an entire cup of SHELLED edamame! It was almost too much. By dinner time, I wanted something comforting and warm. So, I opted for the roasted root medley. The meal plan called for a Zucchini Cashew Soup. Nuh uh… Ain’t happening. I am not really a soup or cashew person and I wasn’t hungry after the veggies so I skipped it. I’ve never been a fan of beets and I still don’t love them. But, roasted was doable and I ate it. Since it’s Friday and I stay up later, I may allow myself to have a navel orange as an evening snack. I’m nervous but excited about starting week 2. I see alot of sweet potatoes in my future!

Breakfast: Fruit bowl with mango, blackberries, and raspberries.

Lunch: Greek salad.

Snack: 1 cup shelled edamame.

Dinner: Roasted root medley. Sweet potato, carrots, beet, and onion.

Daily Supplements: Mineralize, Optimize, Power Greens, Soothe.

Mood: Great! Almost got a lil hangry but it subsided quickly.

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