Ultimate Reset: Day 5


Recap: I woke up feeling super disoriented! I was sleeping so good when my alarm went off! LOL! I also had some very vivid dreams. I am loving the sleep I’ve been getting!! I also feel fresh and light! No more bloat! Yesterday I walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill before dinner and it felt great! I’m definitely not going to push it, but I’m going to try to keep doing 40 minutes most nights. The Reset book says to do 20 in the morning and 20 at night, but there’s no way I’m gonna do that. I’m taking it nice and slow, so I don’t think there’s any harm in that. Breakfast was yummy! I’m loving the fruit in the morning! I thought that it wouldn’t keep me full until lunch, but so far so good. Today is my first day on a totally vegan meal plan. I figured I’d go ahead and phase out the dairy now so that it would suck less the next two weeks. Lunch was delicious, as always! I’m loving the greek salad!! I thought I’d be getting sick of salads by now, but I’m actually really enjoying them! I had some leftover brown rice from last night, so I decided to spoil myself and have the Southwest Veggie Taco again for dinner. It is so yummy and comforting! I’ll definitely miss it the next 2 weeks! Hopefully it doesn’t make me bloated tomorrow!

Side note – Holy moly, you guys! I drank an entire gallon of water today!! If you know me, you know that is AMAZING! The hardest thing for me to do is drink water. I’m just never thirsty! Even on my best day, I never drank a gallon. I had to remind myself here and there to drink, but for the most part I’m finding it much easier to stay hydrated!

Breakfast: Fruit bowl with pear, blackberries, and strawberries.

Lunch: Greek salad, again! I’m not sick of it yet!!!

Snack: Carrots and cucumbers with hummus.

Dinner: Southwest veggie taco.

Daily Supplements: Mineralize, Optimize, Power Greens, Soothe.

Mood: AMAZING! I am in the best mood! Feeling chipper and ready to tackle anything!

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