Ultimate Reset: Day 2


Recap: Another slight headache today, but not bad at all. I think it’s more from the overcast weather than the actual detox. Pain killers are frowned upon while detoxing, so I’m toughing it out. Just pounding that mineralized distilled water! Power greens were less awful today. So, that’s promising. If you’re a fan of wheatgrass juice or some of the “greener” V8 juices, you probably won’t mind it. But, it just isn’t my favorite. I can really taste the celery powder in it. My salad was delish!! It called for chicken, but I had some leftover grilled salmon. I can’t imagine that it would be a big deal to swap it. I had plenty of energy throughout the day until about 4:30ish when the afternoon slump kicked in. I had the Southwest veggie taco for dinner and holy cow was it delicious! I baked my tortilla into chips because I don’t like corn tortillas when they’re soft. It felt super indulgent eating all those carbs!!

Tip: Make sure you are prepared with plenty of DISTILLED water. However, if you find yourself in a pinch, you can drink regular water that has been treated through reverse osmosis. The book specifically says no carbon-filtered water (Brita, etc). Most of the water dispensing machines have reverse osmosis water. Although, you’re supposed to strive to use distilled the entire time, even in cooking. But, it’s better to stay hydrated with non-distilled water than to wait too long to drink distilled water. Just be sure you’re keeping things as pure as possible while cleansing.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 cup spinach, 1 piece of whole grain toast.

Lunch: Greek salad with leftover salmon.

Snack: 2 large carrots with 1/4 cup hummus.

Dinner: Southwest veggie taco.

Daily Supplements: Mineralize, Optimize, Power Greens, Soothe.

Mood: Awesome! I slept like a frickin baby last night!

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