Ultimate Reset: Day 6


Recap: I don’t think I even rolled over last night! I slept great!! I woke up before my alarm and felt wide awake. My fruit was super yummy this morning. I think I should have had a little more because I started feeling some mild hunger pangs around 11ish. But, I drank more water and it subsided. I really wasn’t feeling the lentils and microgreens that I had planned for lunch. So, I made a Greek salad instead. But, I subbed the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and dressing Continue reading “Ultimate Reset: Day 6”

Ultimate Reset: Day 5


Recap: I woke up feeling super disoriented! I was sleeping so good when my alarm went off! LOL! I also had some very vivid dreams. I am loving the sleep I’ve been getting!! I also feel fresh and light! No more bloat! Yesterday I walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill before dinner and it felt great! I’m definitely not going to push it, but I’m going to try to keep doing 40 minutes most nights. The Reset Continue reading “Ultimate Reset: Day 5”

Ultimate Reset: Day 4


Recap: I didn’t sleep quite as deep as I have the past few nights, but I woke up early and felt wide awake. I feel really bloated today for some reason. Maybe all of the carbs I ate last night? I’m hoping that it’s just my body adjusting and it will be gone tomorrow. I also had a teeny bit of a headache in the morning, but it went away Continue reading “Ultimate Reset: Day 4”

Ultimate Reset: Day 3


Recap: I slept soooo well last night. It’s weird because I woke up a few times during the night, but I feel like I got some really good, deep sleep. No headache today!! I’m getting into the routine of taking my morning supplements and drinking water first thing. I didn’t miss my coffee this morning! The oatmeal was very satisfying! It didn’t make me feel heavy and it was just the right amount! I’m not gonna Continue reading “Ultimate Reset: Day 3”

Ultimate Reset: Day 2


Recap: Another slight headache today, but not bad at all. I think it’s more from the overcast weather than the actual detox. Pain killers are frowned upon while detoxing, so I’m toughing it out. Just pounding that mineralized distilled water! Power greens were less awful today. So, that’s promising. If you’re a fan of wheatgrass juice or some of the Continue reading “Ultimate Reset: Day 2”

Ultimate Reset: Day 1


Recap: I woke up with a slight headache that carried over from last night, but it was gone by lunch time. I have not felt hungry at all today. I actually couldn’t even finish my lunch because it was too much food! I really like the Greek salad dressing! It’s super yummy and fresh! The power greens are awful. I took it like a shot Continue reading “Ultimate Reset: Day 1”

I’m doing the Ultimate Reset!!!


I’m super excited that I’m finally doing this program! I have looked at it for a long time and never actually pulled the trigger and purchased it. I’ve heard amazing things about Ultimate Reset, but it sounded super intimidating. I sat down and marked it on my calendar and decided to just do it! I’m starting on Sunday!!!

What is the Ultimate Reset??

Basically, it is a 21-day, 3-phase cleanse. Now, before you stop reading, it’s not one of those harsh, sit-on-the-toilet kind of cleanses. There’s no starving or fasting. You start by eliminating red meat and dairy in the first week. Then, all remaining animal products in the following weeks. Week 2 and 3 are totally vegan. Which sounds scary, but they provide some really delicious recipes for you. I’m actually pretty certain that I’ll be making many of these recipes even after I finish the Reset. So, as the name suggests, it’s all about resetting your body to it’s optimum health. Think of it like giving your body a major tune-up! The meals are all fresh, whole foods that will make you feel great about what you’re eating. If you don’t like fruits and veggies, this probably isn’t the program for you. You’ll be eating a lot of them! There are also a bunch of supplements that you’ll be taking to help eliminate any toxins and junk you’re storing in your body. Only light exercise like yoga or walking is allowed on this program since your body will be working hard to cleanse and repair itself. I’m ready to give my muscles a rest and let my body repair itself over the next three weeks!

What’s up with the supplements??

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset doesn’t punish or deprive your body—it feeds your body with all the nutrients you’ve been craving. It does this through the use of six targeted supplements, in a 3-phase daily program that provides you with everything you need to Reclaim your body’s natural balance, Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and Restore your system to its maximum health.


  • Power Greens (formerly Alkalinize). A combination of 6 powerful greens, including kale, spirulina, cucumber, celery, spinach and chlorella.
  • Optimize. A proprietary enzyme blend and added camu-camu to help support nutrient absorption and bioavailability.
  • Soothe. Combines two incredible botanicals: aloe vera and turmeric, which have been traditionally used to support digestive health and the body’s response to oxidative stress.
  • Mineralize. Formulated with pink Himalayan salt, which adds natural minerals needed by the body.
  • Detox. Blends chia seed, milk thistle, turmeric, ginger and flax – ingredients traditionally used to help support healthy liver function and digestive health.
  • Revitalize. Probiotics and prebiotics which help support beneficial flora in the digestive tract.

Why am I doing this??

I have been excited to try this program for quite some time because I’ve seen people have some incredible results. Lately, I have been feeling drained. I have had no energy during my workouts and I just feel heavy. I have also noticed myself relying more on coffee to wake me up and I have lots of cravings for junk food. I am hoping that this will be the boost that I need to get my energy back and feel great again! I’d like to lose some of the bloat around my belly and get back into a solid workout routine.

If you’d like to learn more about this program, feel free to check it out HERE.

Countdown to Summer Challenge!!


Are you ready to strut on the beach in your bikini this Summer? If not, this is the time to get moving!! The official start of Summer is June 21st and it will be here before we know it! So… I’m hosting a Countdown to Summer fitness challenge!

This group and my coaching services are FREE! The only requirement is the Beachbody program of your choice! If you already have one, GREAT! If not, I can help you find one that fits your needs and budget!

Here’s the deal… This will be a 60-day online accountability group for ANYONE regardless of age, location, or fitness level. It’s a completely private facebook group that only its members can see. We will have daily check-ins, lots of great recipes, and the motivation/accountability you need to finally meet your fitness goals!

So… here’s some of what you’ll gain if you join this challenge group:
  • TONS of support! Between the one-on-one coaching and the group of like-minded ladies, you’ll be setting yourself up for success!
  • The fitness program of your choice. We have everything from yoga to weight lifting to dance programs. Instead of focusing on one particular program, we will be focusing on your health and fitness journey. Everyone has different fitness levels and preferences. We want everyone to feel welcome!
  • Healthy and delicious weekly meal plan options with recipes and grocery lists. We take all of the guess work out of it for you. All you have to do is follow along! So simple!!
  • Daily progress check-ins and tracking to keep you accountable.
  • Random prize drawings and recognition!
  • Random FREE bonus workouts!
  • A private and judgement-free place to ask questions, share your successes, and work on your struggles.
  • TWO seasoned Beachbody coaches! You know what they say, two heads are better than one!

Have you tried to stick with a fitness routine and FAILED?? Me too!!! The thing that helped me actually stick to a program and meet my goals was joining a challenge group! I cannot stress how much having a strong support team will help keep you motivated and accountable. If you purchase a program through me and you aren’t completely satisfied (within 30 days), I will personally help you get your money back! You literally have NOTHING to lose!

Message me at coachcristieashe@gmail.com or hit me up on facebook to get this ball rolling!!

NOTE: This group is open to women who are not already Beachbody coaches or currently working with a coach. We do not poach customers, so please contact your coach directly to see if he/she has any challenge groups you can join!

New Shakeology Flavors!!

You guys!!! I have some super exciting news for you all! Beachbody has released not one, but TWO brand new Shakeology flavors! I’d like to introduce you to the new kids on the block…

Vegan Cafe Latte and Vegan Vanilla!!!


So, here’s the entire line up! There are officially NINE FLAVORS!!!


VEGAN – Tropical strawberry, cafe latte, vanilla, and chocolate.

NON-VEGAN – Chocolate, vanilla, cafe latte, strawberry, and greenberry!

That’s cool, but what is so great about Shakeology???

Shakeology can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce cravings
  • Feel energized
  • Support healthy digestion and regularity

It tastes delicious, too!

How Shakeology works:

  • Ingredients derived from exotic nutrient sources deliver the daily vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to help curb cravings and help you lose weight.
  • Key antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage.
  • Fiber, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes help support regularity to gently eliminate waste, support healthy digestion, and help nutrient absorption.

What’s in Shakeology:

  • Protein and essential amino acids help build muscles and reduce food cravings.
  • Prebiotics and digestive enzymes help support healthy digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption.
  • Antioxidants and phytonutrients help fight free radical damage
  • A daily dose of vitamins and minerals provides your body with what it needs to function for optimal health.

Order your 30-day supply now! 

Or grab a 7-day sampler pack to give it a try! 


Guess what… You can get your Shakeology at a 25% discount… or even FREE! Click here to find out how!