Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prep!

Meal Prep

Struggling with how you should prepare your meals for the week? You’re in the right place! My beginner’s guide to meal prep will remove all of the guess work and give you tons of ideas!

New here? I also have the following resources to help you on your health and fitness journey!

There are several ways to set yourself up for a healthy week. You can prep out all of your meals by day and stick to a strict schedule or you can prep ingredients that can be tossed together quickly to create a meal. I personally prefer the latter because I feel confined when I have to follow a set schedule. Sometimes I just don’t want a salad on Tuesday, ya know? But, everyone is different and it might take a little trial and error to figure out what works for you.



Here is a little head start for people who prefer a defined schedule. You are not limited to these options. The possibilities are endless! Get creative and have a little fun with it!

Make a list of your favorite foods or go-to recipes. These are generally the BEST things to start with when you’re new to meal prep. Don’t try to get too fancy or you’ll overwhelm yourself. Once you have a good list, sit down and figure out what items you want to eat during the coming week. This will be both your meal prep list and grocery list.

Here are some of the meals that I like:

Protein shake – Shakeology
Fresh fruit
Egg muffins
Freezer burritos
Overnight oats
Yogurt w/ fruit & honey

Mason jar salads (great for taking to work because they don’t get soggy!)
Lean meat, a veggie, and a fiber-filled carbohydrate. (use compartment trays!)
Leftovers from dinner!

Lasagna roll ups (Make a bunch at a time and freeze individual portions for later)
Crockpot meals – Salsa chicken, pot roast, etc. (Many recipes can be prepped in a ziploc and stored in the fridge/freezer until you’re ready to use!)
Baked chicken fajitas
Meatballs – For sandwiches or spaghetti

Hard boiled eggs – Eat them plain, put on top of salads, or whip up a quick egg salad.
Almonds, Cashews, etc. – Portion out into ΒΌ cup baggies
Veggies – Wash and portion out into baggies. Carrots, celery, snap peas, broccoli, whatever veggies you like.
Cut up your favorite cheese into 1 inch cubes for a quick little snack.
Fruit – Wash and portion fruit for snacks. (Except berries, they don’t like to be washed too long before eating)
Hummus for veggies, if you’re into that.

So, I’ve decided on the following and here is how I will prep:

Rotate between overnight oats and burritos.
**Prep 3 jars of overnight oats. Prep as many burritos as you want, bc they freeze well.**

Chicken w/ broccoli & sweet potato on Mon & Wed.
Mason jar salad on Tues & Sat.
Leftovers on Thurs, Fri & Sun.
**Prep 2 servings chicken, broccoli & sweet potato. Prep 2 mason jar salads.**

Lasagna rolls, Salsa chicken, and Pot Roast.
**Prep Lasagna rolls, cook the day of, set aside one portion for lunch, and freeze leftovers. Salsa chicken & Pot Roast you can prep in your crockpot the night before and let it cook while you’re at work. Set aside one portion of each for leftover days. Freeze whatever you don’t use! These will be great options for when you don’t feel like cooking or have forgotten to prep.

Snacks – Just have healthy options on hand already portioned out and easy to grab. If you want boiled eggs every day, go ahead and boil a dozen. Peel them and portion them into ziplocs – 2 eggs per baggie.

I hope this helps!! Good luck with your meal prepping and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Even more meal prep ideas:

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