Day 18: 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp

Oh man… Day 18 already?!? I know I’ve said it before, but I really can’t believe that this round is almost over! It seems like just yesterday we started this journey! I’m so proud of my challenge group! I can’t wait to share their round 1 results and see how much they continue to improve over the next 21 days!

I had my leftovers from dinner last night for lunch and it was aaaamazing!! I think I am definitely going to have to recreate this Greek Salmon! It came with kalamata olives, but I ate them all during dinner. So, it’s basically salmon topped with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and olives. It tasted so good! I needed something to go with it ,so I sauteed some asparagus in coconut oil, lemon juice, and garlic! Perfection!!

Today’s meal plan included:


Breakfast: Cafe latte shakeology. red
Lunch: Leftover Greek salmon with asparagus. red green green blue tsp
Snack: Sliced strawberries w/ 1 Tbsp. nutella (treat swap). purple yellow
Dinner: Grilled shrimp with broccoli and brown rice. red red yellow green tsp
Dessert: Navel orange. purple


red red red red yellow yellow green green green blue purple purple tsp tsp

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