Day 12, 13 & 14: 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp

Hey friends!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your families! I had a nice, productive weekend.

Friday was business as usual! Went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and got breakfast. I tried to keep it as clean as possible. Not too bad! Saturday morning I woke up and got my workout in first thing! It felt really good to have it out of the way so that I could have the rest of the day off! I did a little housekeeping stuff and then took off to go see my husband at the JenningsGP motorcycle track. He is a control rider for a group called Southern Track Days and basically he helps teach newer riders how to ride the track. Jennings is actually where Steve & I met for the very first time, so it’s kinda special to us! 🙂

Sunday was mostly catching up on laundry and cleaning. It was nice and relaxing! I did my yoga and some meal prep too!

This weekend was kind of weird food wise, I stayed on track for the most part. I did have a cheat meal on the way home Saturday. I was starving and stopped at Wendy’s. It was soooo delicious, but I felt gross afterwards. I got back on track Sunday morning though!

Happy Easter!!



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