Day 9: 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp

Whew! Today was a BUSY day!! I really didn’t feel like getting my workout done, but I pushed play and gave it my all! It’s really important to not let life get in the way when it comes to a new fitness routine. I was dog tired, but I knew if I didn’t do my workout that I would probably allow myself to make other excuses. I am really committed to practicing what I preach and set a positive example for my challengers. And you know what? I felt so good after I finished my workout!! I was able to use my heavy weights the entire time and I found myself able to do more reps. Yesss!!!

It was such a busy day that I didn’t take time to snap pics of any of my food except for dinner. I got one quick shot and then devoured it! Since I didn’t make any excuses today and really pushed myself to stick with my plan, I treated myself to a nice bath with one of my favorite bath bombs!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!!

Today’s meal plan included:

apple pie waffles.jpg

Breakfast: Greek yogurt and berries. red purple
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad.  red red orange green half blue tsp
Snack: Baby carrots. green
Dinner: Apple Pie waffles with spinach and egg scramble. red yellow half yellow green half blue purple tsp


red red red red orange yellow yellow green green green blue purple purple tsp tsp

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