Day 1: 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp

Hey guys!

Today is Day 1 of my 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp challenge group! I am beyond excited! I’ve teamed up with another awesome coach and together we are committed to helping our team reach their fitness goals! As a team, we are able to post lots of great info, tips, and recipes, while providing one-on-one support to our customers. We are focusing on the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme programs from Beachbody. I absolutely love this program and its easy approach to portion control and clean eating!

Today’s 21DF workout is called Total Body Cardio. It is one of the more challenging workouts in the program, but it’s suitable to all fitness levels thanks to the modifier. Total Body Cardio is a heart-pumping 30 minute workout that will get your heart rate up with a nice combination of cardio and light strength training. This is one of my favorite workouts because it goes by fast and you’ll feel it the next day!

And of course, we are working to dial in our nutrition and get all of our containers in. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when I eat healthy foods and exercise!

Today’s meal plan included:

2016-03-14 17.06.22
Breakfast: Blueberry overnight oatsred yellow purple
Lunch: Chicken Fajita salad. red green green blue
Snack: Cottage cheese and black olives. red orange
Dinner: Grilled shrimp with broccoli and sweet potato. red yellow green tsp tsp
Snack: Mixed berries. purple


red red red red orange yellow yellow green green green blue purple purple tsp tsp


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