Full Disclosure… I Fell Off the Wagon.

I have to confess… I fell off the wagon. I was doing so well and really rocking my fitness routine. And then I hurt my knee. I intended to take a couple of weeks off to let my body recover, but I never got back in the swing of things. I didn’t completely stop working out. But, my motivation was seriously lacking and I didn’t really do anything “blog-worthy”.

But, lo and behold… a new year is upon us and getting back into my fitness routine is at the top of my resolutions list. I’m going to jump back into 21 Day Fix for a couple of rounds until I start entertaining P90X again. I really loved the P90X workouts, but I was pushing myself beyond my limits. I need to dial it back a bit and build up my strength again before I start it again.

So… if you’re in the same boat and would like to workout with me, here’s my schedule. I’m going to do 1 week of doubles at the end. But, I prefer my doubles schedule to the recommended one.

Let’s do this!!!

jan 2016