P90X Lean: Day 3

Happy Hump Day!!

Today we have 2 workouts! First, it’s Shoulders & Arms and then Ab Ripper X. I was dreading this one since my chest and arms are pretty sore from Day 1. Isn’t it funny how the soreness sneaks up on you a couple days later? Any who, I was super happy to learn that there are no push ups in today’s workout!!


Shoulders & Arms consists of 5 rounds with 3 exercises in each. Each round is repeated. Here are the moves:

Round 1: Alternating shoulder press, in & out bicep curls, & two arm tricep kickbacks.

Round 2: Deep Swimmer’s press, full supination concentration curls, & Chair dips.

Round 3: Upright rows, static arm curls, & flip-grip twist tricep kickbacks.

Round 4: Seated two-angle shoulder fly, crouching Cohen curls, & lying down tricep extensions.

Round 5 (bonus): In & out straight arm shoulder fly, Congdon curls, & side tri rises.

I thoroughly enjoyed this workout and I’m looking forward to being able increase my weights! Overall, this was a great workout. I didn’t get my heart rate super high like Day 1 & 2, but there are alot of muscle isolating moves that you can reeeeally feel!

Ab Ripper X totally sucks… In a kind of good way. It is probably the toughest 15 minute workout I’ve ever attempted! It’s 330+ reps of core strengthening moves and it is brutal. Especially after 30-45 minutes of weight lifting! I can’t quite do all the reps yet, but my goal is to master this one!

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