P90X Lean: Day 2

I expected to be super sore today since we did a lot of core work and push ups (UGH!), but I’m really not. I’m not sure if that means that I didn’t push hard enough or I’ve just gotten stronger since the last time I attempted it. I’m going to hope for the latter!

superman banana

Today’s workout is Cardio X, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is my absolute favorite workout in the P90X lineup. It is FUN, FUN, FUN! It’s a fantastic combination of Yoga, Kenpo, Plyo and Core. This routine is an optional workout on the Classic schedule. But, for the Lean schedule, it’s another routine that’s done almost every week.

Cardio X starts with a brief warm-up of jogging, jumping jacks, and some stretching. Then we go straight into the Yoga round. This round seems to last forever. It consists of Sun Salutations, “Warrior One” (It’s really Crescent Pose), Warrior Two, and Reverse Warrior. It really gets the blood pumping! It seems long, but I think it’s just right. By the time we’re done with Reverse Warrior, I’m ready to move on!

Round 2 is the Kenpo round. I really wish this one was longer. It’s so much fun!! I love it because I don’t even realize how much I’m sweating until it’s over! It’s a good mix of kicking and combo moves (hook/uppercut/sidekick, etc).

After the Kenpo round is the Plyo round. This round is perfect for anyone who has never done Plyo or not ready for the full Plyo routine. It gets the heart rate up without making you want to puke! This is the only round that is repeated. We do Airborne Heisman, Swing Kicks, Jump Shots, Tires and Wacky Jacks.

Finally, we have the Core round. This one goes by pretty quickly. The moves consist of Squat X-Press, Steam Engine (50), Dreya Rolls, Squat Run, and Superman/Banana. Then we move into a brief cool down.

I tend to have workout ADD, so this routine is perfect for me. As soon as I get tired of one type of exercise, we move into the next round. I think it’s perfectly timed. This is a supplementary workout, but I really feel like it’s a good cardio workout by itself.

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