P90X Lean: Day 1

It’s finally here!! Day 1 of P90X Lean. After doing 21 Day Fix for so many rounds, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this new eating plan. I know I don’t do well with a strict eating schedule that I dictates what I eat each day. So, I’m going with the Portion Approach to the eating plan. I may just end up doing the 21 Day Fix eating plan on a higher bracket. We’ll see…

Today’s workout was Core Synergistics. This is a once-a-week routine for the Lean schedule. If you’re doing the Classic schedule, this will only be on recovery weeks.

p90x core

Core Synergistics is approximately 1 hour long with a nice warm-up, 3 single set rounds, a bonus round and a cool down. Unlike 21 Day Fix there are no 20 second breaks between each move. There are a couple 45 second water breaks between each round.

Round one consists of stacked-foot \ staggered-hand push ups, banana rolls, leaning crescent lunges, squat runs, sphinx push-ups, bow to boats, low-lateral skaters, and lunge reaches.

In round two, you perform prison cell push-ups, side hip raises, squat X presses, plank-to-chaturanga runs, walking push-ups, superman bananas, lunge kickbacks, curl presses and towel hoppers.

Round three is fairly short with only reach-high-and-under push-ups, steam engines and Dreya rolls.

The bonus round is optional and includes plank-to-chaturanga isolations, halfbacks (A fun combo of tires & high knees) and table-dip leg raises.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout! It’s challenging and fast-paced. But, I really had fun. It’s a great combo of cardio, core, and flexibility training. I worked up a really good sweat and was spent by the time the hour was up. I’m looking forward to improving my core strength and I’m happy that I’ll be doing this one weekly!

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