FINISHED: 21 Day Fix Labor Day Challenge

Hey party people!!! I’m so excited about this round of the 21 Day Fix! This has been my best round yet! Here are some of my thoughts about this round.

21 Day Fix

Eating: I didn’t stick to the meal plan 100%, I was more in the 90-95% range. But, I’m super pumped about it! I was tempted in so many ways, but I stayed focused and committed! I may have slipped up 3 times over the past 21 days. I know I went over on my yellows and teaspoons. But, there wasn’t a day that I completely went off plan. Just little hiccups, not total derailment. I also came up with some really yummy new meals! I added a lot of variety to my days and I think that really helped. Meal prep was a lifesaver too! I started drinking Shakeology again and I think that really helped with my cravings. I can really tell a difference when I don’t have it.

Workouts: Not only did I do well with my eating, I also rocked my workouts! I didn’t miss one! In addition to adding 10 minute abs 3 times a week, I did doubles on week 2! I noticed that during doubles week I was significantly less sore than normal. And I can feel myself getting stronger. I have more stamina and am able to do exercises I wasn’t so great at before. Plus, I’m using my heavy weights for all of the moves, so it’s time to increase my weights!

Results: I did not lose a ton of weight, which is totally fine by me. I don’t have a huge amount of weight to lose, so naturally I will see smaller numbers than someone with 50+ pounds to lose. And I know that I am gaining muscle, which will make the scale move slower. Also, this is not my first round of 21 Day Fix and I feel like my body has adapted to the workouts. So, I think it’s time to switch up my routine. Anywho… here they are:

Pounds lost: 3 lbs
Inches lost total: 6 inches
Waist: 2
Hips: 2
Right Thigh: 1
Left Thigh: 1

I am so pleased with my results! If you have questions about this program, please feel free to email me at Or if you’re ready to order, just visit this link: CLICK HERE

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