October is Coming!!

I cannot even explain how excited I am about this time of year. In Florida, it’s still pretty warm in October (and sometimes December!) but there’s a certain something in the air. It smells like Fall. Pretty soon we will be able to turn the A/C off and open the windows. This is the time of year for sweaters, scarves, boots, pumpkin spice everything, and bonfires. Oh, I just love it!

This is also the time of year for cakes and candies and all of that heavenly goodness that goes right to my thighs! This year will be different. Of course I will indulge. But, I will make smarter, cleaner choices. I’ve also decided to take a step back from 21 Day Fix. I love it, but I feel like my body is screaming for something different. Nothing personal, Autumn… I just need to change it up. So, I’m going to give P90X another shot! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve hung out with my pal, Tony Horton. I’m feeling much stronger than I was the last time I attempted it and I’m also much more accountable than I was back then. I’m doing the P90X Lean schedule because I love the Cardio X routine. I’m a mixture of nervous and excited. This will take me through the end of the year! Check it out!

Anyone want to join me next month? Comment below or send me an email at coachcristie@gmail.com!

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Recipe: Roasted Portobellos stuffed with Cheesy Rosemary Quinoa

I’ve been branching out and trying new foods lately. I’ve been a lifelong fungi hater. But, strangely I’ve always wanted to like them. I’ve tried and failed, many times. But, this one is a winner!

I chose to use Portobellos because they have a nice, meaty texture and don’t feel slimy like other mushrooms. I wanted something substantial enough to pass for a meal. I was also craving something gooey and cheesy without loading up on calories and fat. This was the perfect way to indulge but still stick with my 21 Day Fix eating plan.

I hope you like it!

Roasted Portobellos stuffed with Cheesy Rosemary Quinoa



2 large Portobello mushroom caps
1 cup of cooked Quinoa – I used Tricolor
3/4 cup of plain Greek Yogurt
2/3 cup of shredded provolone cheese (or mild cheese of your choice)
1/2 onion, sliced thin
1 tsp. dried rosemary
1 tsp. dried sage
1 garlic clove, minced.
Sea salt and black pepper


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • Remove the stems from your mushrooms and wipe the outside of the caps with a damp paper towel.
  • Place caps on a foil lined baking sheet, gill side up. Drizzle with EVOO and sprinkle a little sea salt and pepper.
  • Roast the mushrooms for 7-8 minutes.
  • In a large pan, saute the garlic and onions until cooked through.
  • Add rosemary, sage, quinoa, and yogurt to the pan and stir until well mixed. If it’s a bit on the thick side, add a splash of liquid (almond milk, water, or vegetable stock would work great). Heat on medium until the mixture is hot all the way through.
  • Remove mushrooms from the oven and set aside. Leave the oven on.
  • Turn off heat and stir in cheese, reserving just a pinch to melt on top.
  • Divide quinoa mixture in half. Top each mushroom with quinoa and a sprinkle of cheese. Pop into the oven and bake until cheese is melted. Garnish with rosemary, if desired.
  • ENJOY!

1 Mushroom per serving | Serves 2

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September Game Plan

My Labor Day challenge group officially wrapped up yesterday. I’m very happy with my results! Not only that, but I have proven to myself that I can push harder and I’m only limited by my own mind! I had planned to jump right into another round of 21 Day Fix, but I decided not to for a couple of reasons. First, my body has gotten used to the workouts and I find them easier to do. Second, the new Day 1 fell on Labor Day and I decided to allow myself a nice rest/cheat day. And last, my accountability partner is on vacation, so I’m going to wait for her to get back and we’ll both jump in on Day 1.

My cheat day was a bit of a bust. In my mind, I planned on having a big greasy burger with fries and ice cream. I ended up splurging on pizza, but not really too bad. I ended up doing the 10 minute ab workout because I felt restless and needed something to do! It’s strange how three weeks of dialed in clean eating has totally changed my food choices.

Anyway, I don’t want to get bored with doing the same 7 workouts, so this week I am switching it up a little. I am also focusing on strengthening my core and upper body as well as stretching everything out. I tweaked my knee a little last week so I’m pretty happy that I had already planned to take it easy on my legs this week! Here’s what I’m doing this week! I’m really excited about this week!

Monday: REST!
Tuesday: PiYo Upper + 10 Minute Abs
Wednesday: P90X Cardio X
Thursday: PiYo Sweat + 10 Minute Abs
Friday: Pilates Fix
Saturday: Upper Fix + 10 Minute Abs
Sunday: P90X Yoga X

Monday I will jump into my final round of 21 Day Fix for the year!!!

FINISHED: 21 Day Fix Labor Day Challenge

Hey party people!!! I’m so excited about this round of the 21 Day Fix! This has been my best round yet! Here are some of my thoughts about this round.

21 Day Fix

Eating: I didn’t stick to the meal plan 100%, I was more in the 90-95% range. But, I’m super pumped about it! I was tempted in so many ways, but I stayed focused and committed! I may have slipped up 3 times over the past 21 days. I know I went over on my yellows and teaspoons. But, there wasn’t a day that I completely went off plan. Just little hiccups, not total derailment. I also came up with some really yummy new meals! I added a lot of variety to my days and I think that really helped. Meal prep was a lifesaver too! I started drinking Shakeology again and I think that really helped with my cravings. I can really tell a difference when I don’t have it.

Workouts: Not only did I do well with my eating, I also rocked my workouts! I didn’t miss one! In addition to adding 10 minute abs 3 times a week, I did doubles on week 2! I noticed that during doubles week I was significantly less sore than normal. And I can feel myself getting stronger. I have more stamina and am able to do exercises I wasn’t so great at before. Plus, I’m using my heavy weights for all of the moves, so it’s time to increase my weights!

Results: I did not lose a ton of weight, which is totally fine by me. I don’t have a huge amount of weight to lose, so naturally I will see smaller numbers than someone with 50+ pounds to lose. And I know that I am gaining muscle, which will make the scale move slower. Also, this is not my first round of 21 Day Fix and I feel like my body has adapted to the workouts. So, I think it’s time to switch up my routine. Anywho… here they are:

Pounds lost: 3 lbs
Inches lost total: 6 inches
Waist: 2
Hips: 2
Right Thigh: 1
Left Thigh: 1

I am so pleased with my results! If you have questions about this program, please feel free to email me at coachcristieashe@gmail.com. Or if you’re ready to order, just visit this link: CLICK HERE

Day 15: 21 Day Fix Labor Day Challenge

Oh my gosh… can you believe it’s September already?? Where does the time go?

I just wanted to take a moment to check in and reflect on the past week. As you may know, I did doubles last week! YIKES! I won’t lie… it was pretty rough. I wasn’t able to block off two 30 minute windows during my day to do doubles properly, so I ended up doing the workouts back to back. I did a total of 15 workouts over the last 7 days. I’m super proud of myself!!! I gave it everything I had and while it wasn’t pretty, I still pushed through. Surprisingly, I was less sore than I was the previous week!

I can feel myself getting stronger and it’s definitely time to increase my weights. I’ve found it easier to hold poses and complete all of the reps without modifying. I’m feeling great!!!

Buuuuuut, I am kind of looking forward to the end of this challenge. I love 21 Day Fix, but I feel like I need to take a week and really change things up.

Here’s what I’ll be doing in the month of September. As a reward for a solid round of 21DF, I’m allowing myself one glorious rest/cheat day!!! I’m going to give myself permission to make terrible food choices and lay around the house if I so choose. Then I’ll jump right back in!

september 2015