Beachbody 3 Day Refresh: RESULTS!

Oh happy day! Today is the first day of my recovery mode from the Refresh. I’m taking it easy and slowly adding things back into my diet over the next 3 days. I really don’t want to shock my system too much.

I’ll be starting a 21 Day Fix challenge group on Monday, so I’m going to try to get back into container-mode. So, this weekend will be 21DF lite. Here’s what I’m eating today:

Breakfast: Vegan Chocolate shakeo w/ 4oz almond milk, 1/2 banana and ice – 1R, 1P
Lunch: 1 peach, cucumber slices, 1 ww toast w/ mashed avocado – 1P, 1G, 1Y, 1/2B
Snack: Baby carrots & hummus – 1G, 1/2B
Dinner: Grilled chicken and a small salad – 1R, 1G, 1O

Totals: 2R, 3G, 2P, 1B, 1Y, 1O

I’m very pleased with my results! Three days isn’t much time at all and I really wasn’t expecting any significant weightloss. Especially since I didn’t exercise. But, I could definitely tell that I was less bloated around my midsection. So… without further ado..

Here are my results:

Weight lost: 5 pounds!
Inches lost: 3 inches (2 on waist, 1 on hips)

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