Beachbody 3 Day Refresh: Day 2

Day one went pretty well! I felt a little sluggish and grumpy, but that was most likely from the caffiene withdrawal. Coffee is allowed on the plan, if you must, but I decided to go ahead and try to kick the habit. I figured that I was probably going to be grumpy while cleansing anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone.
I normally would have started the cleanse on a Friday and spared my co-workers, but I actually like doing this in the middle of the week. Weekends are the hardest for me. I’m hoping that seeing my results on Friday will discourage me from cheating over the weekend.
The Meal Plan
6:45: 8 oz filtered water
7:45: Vegan chocolate Shakeology w/ 1/2 banana, water and ice.
9:00: Green tea w/ 1/2 stevia packet
10:30: Fiber sweep w/ 1c water
12:30: Vanilla Fresh shake, apple w/ 2 T almond butter, and 1/2 sliced cucumber
2:30: 1 large carrot w/ 2 T hummus
4:30: Green tea w/ 1/2 stevia packet
6:30: Vanilla Fresh shake, coconut steamed veggies
  • Feeling less gassy.
  • Still have a headache.
  • A little sluggish. I could totally sleep for hours today.
  • A little grumpy.
  • No major hunger pangs.
  • Craving some delicious carbs.

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